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My Nerd

Hello, my follower! I know what you’re thinking, “What! Three blog posts in a week! Be still my beating heart!” Before you have a heart attack, I must confess, my husband has been very “nicely” demanding that I get on the ball with this whole “blog thing” for a few weeks now and demanded that I set up the first two posts last Sunday. So, since he was going all Dom on me with this blog, I have decided that I need to write a post about him and his Dommlyness. *insert cheesy “I win” smile here*

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So, it has been forever and a day since I have written just an ordinary non-Main Character Monday post and it is truthfully WAY overdue, so here you go, my faithful readers!

Earlier this month I made a trip to California to see my Publisher/Awesome Friend/Mama/Mentor … Drum Roll Please … Breanna Hayse! Oh, and her husband John lol. And let me tell you, I had an amazing time … once I got over being nervous about meeting them … I don’t do very well with meeting new people … no matter how long I have talked to them or how well I know them.

I am not going to lie; they picked me up from the airport, and I pretended not to see them for ten minutes before Bree stood up and walked to me giving me no choice but to grow a pair. Once she hugged me, my shyness didn’t matter anymore because she was Bree.

A little history for those of you who don’t know, Bree is the reason Ryann’s Revenge is an actual published book and not just a prisoner on my laptop. When I was ready to give up on my writing all together, she replied to my email and offered to help me turn Ryann into what it is today, and it was not an easy process because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Bree has been at my side ever since and helped me through so much in the last two years. She is they are family.

Enough mushy stuff, back to my trip.

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~Main Character Monday!~

Guys, Guys, Guys! I am so excited! Why, because this is my very first Main Character Monday!What does this mean? It means that on Mondays on my little ol’ blog, I am going to interview some of our favorite authors! Will it be every Monday? No, probably not but I am trying to fill as many Mondays as I can. I have a lot of authors and main character that are interested. So, let’s get started!

The very first MCM is with Katie from Alyssa Hart’s new book Adopting Katie. katie-cover


“If you ever put yourself in danger like that again, I will take you over my knee and spank your little bottom until I am convinced you have learned your lesson… How does that promise make you feel? Because make no mistake about it baby, it is definitely a promise.”
            A successful CEO by day, Katelyn looks forward to the minute she crosses the threshold to shed all of her adulthood stress and worries and become a carefree, mischievous little mess maker. Her husband and Daddy, Mark, is one of the most beautiful people, inside and out, that she has ever met. His dominance turns all of her switches, but she learns quickly that he means what he says and testing Daddy is not in her backside’s best interest.
            Mark is not alone in his endeavor to create a safe and loving environment for Katie. His best friends, Keith and Rose, round out their little family. Being intimately familiar with alternative lifestyles, the couple love and spoil Katie in abundance, but never think twice about turning her bottom red if she steps out of line.
            Surrounded by her loving Daddy and adoring Auntie and Uncle, Katie learns that the love, safety, and guidance of this family are what help to make her feel complete. Exploring the little girl who lives inside, the one that she has hidden for far too long, she spends her time building elaborate Lego structures and playing in her special tree house that Mark built by hand.
            When tragedy strikes, Katie’s idyllic life is shattered and it takes all of the love, support, and discipline of her family to pick up the pieces and put them back together. However, will love and spankings be enough? Katie is not convinced. She doesn’t believe anything will ever be okay again.
Wiithout anymore delays, lets find out more about Katie!

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Adopting Katie By Allysa Hart

Oh my gosh, guys! I know I have been MIA for a while but I am so excited for today’s post! … Look at me acting like I have hundreds of people following my blog and it is not just my sisters and my husband lol. Anyways, back to my excitement.

Today, one of my sisters, my Twinsie, Allysa Hart , reveled, not only her blurb for her soon to be released book, Adopting Katie, but she also released the AMAZING cover that she made herself!

And! Because I am tight with the author, she is allowing me to share it with all of my followers! *giggle* …  Anyways without further ado! The cover and the blurb for Adopting Katie by Allysa Hart! Enjoy! Continue reading “Adopting Katie By Allysa Hart”

Adventures of Blogging


Well, I think I have, finally, figured out my blog. At least how to make it look the way I want it to. I really thought that I would be able to get it all set up and ready to go in just a couple of hours, but that was not the case. It took me and fellow author Allysa Hart two days to get everything figured out. We still have a few finishing touches to make to our other sister, Lesley Clark‘s blog but I truly think we have worked out all the glitches and we are about as good as it is going to get … at least until my husband gets a hold of if and makes it look even better … or Ally works her magic and creates us something AMAZEBALLZ!

So, if you are reading this, Welcome to my brand SPANKING new blog.


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