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Main Character Monday

It is that time of the week again! Main Character Monday! The author this week is a “new to me” author, Dakota Willink. And I must say, I am looking forward to whatever she has next! I love her work and the amount of detail she gives us is PERFECT.


The book today, Stepping Stone, is part of a series and I must say the first book had some MAJOR curve balls, and I LOVED it! I  loved it to the point that I WAS ecstatic when I didn’t have to wait for the second one … it would have possibly killed me to wait. *dramatic shiver*  I loved it so much that I am hosting both of the main characters this week! So, I give you Alex and Krystina from Dakota Willink’s Stepping Stone.


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Main Character Monday

So, since I did a special edition of Main Character Monday yesterday, this week you get two! Woot Woot! I know, it is Tuesday … but I wanted to give Sheri Lynn her time in the spotlight.

Do you want to know who we are interviewing today? Drum roll, please. Our author today in Lisa Lang Blakeney with her book Claimed by a King. I must say, I was really shocked when I started reading and realized it was not actually about royalty … Unless you consider a really hot hero royalty lol.


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Main Character Monday

Hello, my AWESOME readers! It is that time of the week again … Main Character Monday! This week I am so excited to host my mentor and amazing friend, Breanna Hayse! But wait that is not it, I am also hosting Serena Lebeaux who is quickly becoming an excellent friend of mine. Why am I hosting two authors, you ask? Because they wrote a beautiful, creative book together.

And this week we are interviewing Belle and the Beast from their new book

Beauty and the Beast (Paddle Closet Book 1)


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Main Character Monday!

Welcome, welcome readers! Are you ready for another Main Character Monday!? Oh my gosh! I can hear your chants from here. MAIN CHARACTER MONDAY! MAIN CHARACTER MONDAY! Ok, calm down! We don’t want to get called in for a noise complaint. That would get me in LOTS of trouble.

So, are you ready to know who I have for you this week? I am really excited for this author! We started talking off and on a couple of months ago, recently more often lol. I consider her a friend and someone I can easily bounce ideas off of. Today’s author is K. C. Rice! Actually, we are going to be doing a three interviews with her in the next couple of months so we can work up to her new release! Woot Woot!Today we have Kaycee from K. C. Rice’s book Kaycee’s Tattered Spirit!

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