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The Title-less Book

As those of you who follow me on Facebook know, I have finished my second book and am in the process of editing it now. It is the start of another series, and I am really excited about the project. I really think it is going to be awesome!

……… If I ever come up with a name for the darn thing! I have literally been trying

to come up with it for months!

The worse part is that every time I think I have the title I like, I sit on it for a few days and eventually end up hating it. I even thought about calling it The Book with No Title … but wouldn’t you know … it is already taken.

All of the other books in the series already have a title! ALL OF THEM! Hell, I already know how I want the covers to look for all of the books! And yet I can’t come up with a title.

*Head Desk* … Does it have to have a title?

A Daring Proposal By Jeanne St. James

Ok, so I had a total fangirl moment last week when Lesley Clark told me that she had given my name to Jeanne St. James for a possible Main Character Monday post. So, me being the shy fangirl that I am, it took me a day or so to finally work up the nerve to contact her and ask her if she would like to take part in my Main Character Monday. While we are still working out the details for MCM, I am happily promoting her new book, A Daring Proposal, which was released last week … I quickly got myself a copy.


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Special Christmas Edition

Special Christmas Edition of Main Character Monday!


Merry Christmas Readers! Are you ready for a Sunday Edition of Main Character Monday? Today we have Author Sheri Lynn, and I am so excited about it! I have gotten to know her a little in the process of the interview, and she is SO sweet! I look forward to getting to know her better. We are interviewing Jana from Sheri’s new story A Merry EX-Mas. The snippets I read were fantastic and this story will be added to my collection as soon as I am allowed to buy again lol  … So, Let’s get to the interview, shall we?

thumbnail_A Merry EX mas Cover.jpg

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Main Character Monday

Hello, my AWESOME readers! It is that time of the week again … Main Character Monday! This week I am so excited to host my mentor and amazing friend, Breanna Hayse! But wait that is not it, I am also hosting Serena Lebeaux who is quickly becoming an excellent friend of mine. Why am I hosting two authors, you ask? Because they wrote a beautiful, creative book together.

And this week we are interviewing Belle and the Beast from their new book

Beauty and the Beast (Paddle Closet Book 1)


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Moving Forward … But at a Backwards Pace

Are any of my readers writers as well? If so you will completely understand the struggle I am expressing in this post.

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Main Character Monday!

Guys! The author for this week is a freaking hoot! She is not afraid to say it how it is or to tell you absolutely EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. Are you ready to know who it is?Drum roll, please … This week we have Victoria Cabot! *cheers and applause. Hoots and wolf whistles. *


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