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Progress is Progress

First, I would like to let everyone know that MCM will happen on Wednesday this week, so be on the lookout for that tomorrow.

Now, the reason I decided to write this post. For the last month, I have been kind of stuck. I finished writing Fire Princess, so I picked up where I left off on the sequel to Ryann’s Revenge …

I HATE it! I am ready to scrap the whole 25,000-word doc and start over.

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The Title Has Been Found!

The weight has been lifted! I have finally figured out my title for my next book!!!!! If fact I have a title AND a cover! I am not revealing the cover now, but I will tell you the title. Are you ready? Are you ready for this awesomeness? Drumroll, please!!!


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It is an Honor

I am squirming in my seat … and no, not for the typical reason. *LOL* I am squirming because I cannot contain my excitement! I found out that I was nominated for an award!!!!! Actually, Ryann’s Revenge was … but I was nominated for a reward!


I was nominated for Best Contemporary Romance and I could not be more honored! When I got the email telling me that someone who read my book took the time to submit Ryann’s Revenge for a reward, I nearly cried. Not because it is a huge reward that will make a huge impact on my career (it may, but I doubt it) but because someone who liked my book took the time out of their busy day for me. For little old me! Time is the most precious thing in this world and someone spent it on me.

Ok, enough mushy stuff before I start crying. If you would like to vote for me or any of the other AMAZING authors who were also nominated you can follow the link below.

Vote Here

Thank you, readers!

Because without you,

I would not be writing.


Oh, and if you haven’t read it yet and would like to,

You can get a copy here!

The Outing of Rai

Settle down. Settle down, everyone. I know … Two blog posts in two days! Don’t get too excited, this one is going to be a short one … and no … it is not that kind of coming out … even though I could have killed two birds with one stone and saved myself from a dreadful weekend right then …

…Any Who!…

As you all know, my bio family was here last weekend. It sucked same old same old. But during their visit, I did something Huge! Major! Colossal! Something I never thought I would have the balls to do.

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