So once again I am playing catch up on my blog. I don’t know why I do this to myself. I LOVE to blog, but I always put it on the back burner because I think I will do it later … then life gets in the way and poof! I didn’t get it done. So … This is my promise to try to do better, and my promise to myself because blogging helps to see things from a different perspective.

So, I am blogging about my sad misfortune a couple of weeks ago. We were at a friend of ours house. These friends are the only ones in our city that know about our practice of the lifestyle and how things are usually dealt with here at the Karr household. As a result, the Husband and I are more relaxed and at home at their house. The husband doesn’t embarrass me with or anything like that, but he will openly give me the eye, playfully threaten to paddle my ass, and if I cross one of the lines I am not supposed to, he does not hesitate to pull me aside and whisper promises of retribution when we get home.

A couple of weeks ago we were their playing cards, and I was bored waiting for the men to pay attention and play *cough*. So, I started twirling my wedding ring on the table. Mind you, I have never done that before. EVER! Not once. But for some reason … I thought it would be a good idea. My husband saw me doing this from across the table a shot me the look … which I promptly decided to ignored and continued spinning my ring like a coin. A very expensive coin.

About five spins in, I gave it a hard spin, and it shot across the table, right to my husband. He promptly stopped it from spinning and put in on *only about half way down his pinky finger mind you*. I sweetly smile at him and asked, “Can I have my ring back?”

He, being the Big Mean Bossy that he is, smiled back at me and said, “That is not how you ask for stuff, young lady.”

Now, I would say that I am a natural submissive. I always turn to him for an opinion and run things by him, but that does not mean that submitting is easy. It is hard. Really freaking hard. So when he pulled out the big guns … calling me “young lady” … I resisted because for some weird reason I was embarrassed. I am not sure why, but I was.

So I refused to answer him the way I know he wanted me to … With the “M” word. For all of you wondering, the “M” word is not Master, it is “may” as in “May I.” For those of you who do not know … Saying those words are EXTREMELY hard! They are hard to say because it is a very submissive phrase.

Naturally, I resisted even thought I missed the feeling of his ring on my finger. He just smirked his knowing smirk and admired his ring on his finger. He made a show of admiring it until we climbed into bed where I was finally able to force the words from my mouth. “May I have my ring back. Please, Sir.”

He happily gave it back to me … right after reminding me via his paddle that good girls do as they are told when they are told … not four hours later when they feel like it.


The Good Girl