It is that time of the week again … Ok, so it was that time of the week a couple of days ago, but hey, we can pretend right?


Anyways … Today we are interviewing Alex and Charlotte from Jillian Quinn’s new book Parker. I must tell you … I am not usually one to read books that have anything to do sports because I am not much of a sports person. I watch football with my husband, and that is it … and by watch I mean I read my books while he screams at his team to get their head out off their asses. However, I am happy I read this for two reasons. 1) It helped to understand a little bit about the game of hockey that my 6-year-old daughter is falling in love with and 2)  It is freaking HOT!

So … Without further delay, let’s start the interview, shall we?


Rai: Thank you guys so much for letting us interview you today! Let’s start with you guys telling us a little about yourselves that we didn’t learn in the book.

Charlotte: Alex snores so loud he could wake up our neighbors.

Alex: You’re one to talk about waking up the neighbors, sweetheart.

Charlotte: You love it, Parker. Don’t make me flip back to Coach mode.

Alex: Babe, you’re killing me. Keep that up, and we won’t make it through this interview.

Charlotte: Alex has this weird fetish with the whistle I use to coach basketball.

Alex: That whistle and nothing else is sexy. What can I say?

Rai: The dynamic between you two is freaking awesome! Ok, next Alex … was it a normal thing for you to do the walk a shame before Charlotte knocked you into shape?

Alex: I’m not proud of it but for over six months before I met Charlotte, I had my share of awkward morning after hookups. I was drinking a lot after my father’s death and trying to find comfort in whiskey and women. Meeting Charlotte changed my life.


Rai: Charlotte, your nickname, did it just come as just a shortened version of your last name or was there more to the story than that?

Charlotte: Coach is just a shortened version of my last name, Coachman. My basketball Coach at Villanova University started calling me Coach, but the name really stuck once ESPN dubbed my crossover the Coach Crossover. From there, the name stuck. Close friends and family call me Charlie with the exception of Alex who calls me Charlotte. But all of my clients and agents call me Coach.

Rai: What was your first impression of each other?

Charlotte: Well, I have to admit that I did not like Alex the first time we met. Sure, I thought he was incredibly sexy, and I loved how good he was with children, but he definitely rubbed me the wrong way. He also made me nervous, which was such an odd feeling for me because I’m used to working with good-looking professional athletes.

Alex: Charlotte was strong and didn’t put up with my crap from our first phone conversation on. I loved that she put me in my place and held her ground. It actually turned me on more than it should have but I couldn’t stop thinking about her from the first time we met.

Rai: Charlotte, how difficult was it to get the men in your line of work to treat you respectfully and not like a piece of ass?


Charlotte: At first, it was hard to get men to look at me as anything other than Mickey’s assistant. I’m not the type of person who backs down easily. After all, the toughest and most successful agent in the business trained me, and I learned a lot from Mickey. Just watching him in action helped me to figure out what works and doesn’t work when trying to sign new clients.

I realized the men I dealt with needed me to prove that I could speak their lingo, which I already did, and after I signed an NBA first-round draft pick, people in the business started to take me seriously.

Rai: How did you not react at all when Alex Mouthed the words “put your tits on the glass” at the game, and in front of a child none the less?

Charlotte: I was beyond pissed, but I also didn’t want to attract too much attention. Rico was sitting next to me, and thanks to my best friend, Jamie, he was too focused on the game to even notice what Alex had said. If Rico had noticed, I would’ve ripped Alex a new one.

Rai: The first time Jamie met Alex, after the game, was he putting on a who or are you guys usually that touchy feely?

Charlotte: Yes, that is normal. Jamie is my best friend, and we’ve known each other since we were teenagers, sharing a room in our first foster home. Jamie has always been overprotective and was just trying to keep Alex away from me. I’ve had my share of pro athletes hit on me over the years and pretending Jamie and I are together has made things easier for me. But our relationship is like that of brother and sister. There has never been anything romantic between us.


Rai: Can each of you describe your first kiss with each other in your own words?

Charlotte: Our first kiss was in my home gym. Alex had just lifted me above him and bench-pressed me as a joke, which ended up with my tongue in his mouth. When he kissed me, it was toe-curling, ovary exploding hot. We had waited so long before we finally kissed that the build up made it even hotter.

Alex: Charlotte is an amazing kisser and sexy as hell. I thought about kissing her every day since the first time we met, and when we finally did, I wanted to rip her clothes off and bend her over the workout bench in her gym. You should’ve seen the outfit she was wearing. I had to count off my team’s latest stats just to keep myself in check.

Rai: Thank you both for coming today! I hope we will get to see more of you guys in the future

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Happy Reading!