Who is ready for a new Main Character Monday! I know … I know … It is not Monday … but this is my blog, and it can be a Monday if I want it to be *LOL*

This week I am hosting Juliana Conners and her new book Please Boss. I must say, I totally want to be Ruby when I grow up. She is freaking awesome! I wish I had the balls to put purple streaks in my hair or do anything other than my natural brown.

Please Boss Cover.jpg

Anyways, without further ado, let welcome Ruby and Cameron from Please Boss.

Rai: Thank you guys SO much for agreeing to let me interview you. I must say, I am in LOVE with your story! Let’s start off with you guys telling us about yourselves, please.

Ruby: I’m a bad girl gone good… except for when it comes to being with Cameron, of course. I’m still his bad girl. My life was quite tumultuous while I was growing up, but I decided to turn things around and create the kind of future for myself that I wanted. I’m a web developer who made an app named after myself… Ruby. I also help Cameron’s law firm in the form of part-time legal assistant and tech support. And I’m madly in love with Cameron.

Cameron: I can relate to how Ruby’s life started out because I too am from the “wrong side of the tracks.” But I was driven from an early age to become successful. I helped start the law firm of Marks, Sanchez and Reed– I’m the Sanchez in that law firm name. And I used to be a player but as soon as I met Ruby part of me knew my days of being single were numbered. I’m madly in love with my bad girl!


Rai: Hey, bad girls need love too. I would be screw if my husband didn’t believe that *LOL* Cameron, was losing that first case with Judge Baez really that big of a deal or are you that sore of a loser?

Cameron: I don’t like to lose. Especially a case like that where I really shouldn’t have lost. At the time it was a big deal, although, in retrospect, I may have been blowing it out of proportion just a tiny bit.

Rai: Only a tiny bit, huh? Forgive me if I don’t believe the last part *LOL* Next question is for Ruby, and it is the most important question of all. Why the purple streaks in your hair? I am totally jealous of them BTW.

Ruby: I love to experiment with color and I’ve had every different kind of dye imaginable in my hair. The purple actually looked the least conspicuous for a law firm job compared to others I’ve tried. I figure life’s too short to have boring hair!

Rai: Everyone else was purposefully avoiding even looking at Cameron after he lost that case, but you stood toe to toe with him when he questioned your ability to pull all the cases he needed. Where did that strength come from?

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Ruby: I’ve never been a weak or shy gal. And I’d been so bored doing mundane tasks all day every day while I worked at the law firm. I figured this was my chance to shine. I jumped on the opportunity to take on a bit more responsibility and of course to be closer to the mysterious and handsome Cameron Sanchez!

Rai: Ruby, you said you had done nearly every drug before, why the change? What happened that forced you to realize that you needed to change?

Ruby: I used to be depressed thinking there was no way out for me. But when I took a coding course I found out how much I love technology, and I began to see a better future for myself. I knew I couldn’t get there by being the crazy party girl I once was. I do still enjoy going out now and then, but usually, I’m too busy coding or snuggling with Cameron.

Rai: Well, I am glad that you did. How in the world did you stop yourself from applying for the secretary position the second you saw the email in your inbox?

Ruby: I tried to have a little restraint, and I also didn’t think I’d get the job. I hate failure and rejection and losing almost as much as Cameron does. 😉 But my excitement eventually overtook my fears, and I decided to go for it. I’m sure glad I did!

Rai: When you saw Cameron fight so hard for his pro-bono case during your interview, what was running through your mind?

Ruby: *Looking at the man sitting next to her* I always knew Cameron had a good heart. I felt he was overshadowed by Asher. They seemed to be in the middle of a strange rivalry, and I think Cameron did the right thing by standing up for what he wanted. There were some growing pains in their friendship, but I think that by asserting himself Cameron broke out of his shell and everything changed for the better. So I was just rooting him on and feeling glad that he was doing what he thought best.

Rai: Where did you find the courage to start the oral in the filing room that first time? I mean, he is your boss, you’re a virgin and …just wow …

Ruby: Cameron just brings out a side of me that I always knew was lurking within but that I had never felt comfortable expressing before. I was overcome with lust and desire and I just went with it. I had a feeling he would appreciate it. 😉 And from there I just let him do whatever he wanted to do with me and I enjoyed it– whether it was being tied up or pleasured or even punished. It was a great relief to just give in to my feelings for him and go with it. Never has a man had that much power over me before… and that’s part of why I love him.

Rai: Last question, will we see more of you guys?

Ruby: Yes. The talk around the firm is that Cameron’s client Damien Hudson, owner of the toy company, has a new fling and they’re going through some similar growing pains that Cameron and I experienced. We might be able to help them through that a bit. Damien definitely needs Cameron’s legal representation, and Cameron needs my assistance. And maybe Damien and his new love interest need our advice in the romance department as well. Madilyn and Asher from Yes, Boss might also be able to weigh in on things. So stay tuned! And thanks for chatting with us.

If you want to get your own copy of Please Boss, you can click the image below.